Hello, my name is not important.

We’re here to represent each other. the overlooked wanderers of society.

Because we’re done feeling helpless. We’re confident enough to know that we can achieve anything, but humble enough to know it won’t come easy.

I spent the past 5 years working at different marketing agencies, one as a campaign manager for big tech companies and another as a content director for ecommerce brands (even helped grow some onlyfans models, but we'll talk about that later).

One thing I kept thinking was that I had no freedom and was always exchanging time for money. I knew I couldn't spend the rest of my life this way, so I wanted to build something for myself and other people in the same situation.

After helping big companies scale and building smaller brands from the ground up, I saw patterns on how people got the idea for their business, their motivation to start, and how they were able to grow big enough to quit their 9-5 and work on problems they enjoyed solving.

So I pieced together frameworks on how these successful brands started to help give guidance on how to take your first step towards something you can have ownership in.

They're the same steps I learned working with these brands:

- Zoom
- Drift
- Slack
- Fashion nova
- Craftd London